Paramed Blood Pressure Monitor


Band Size 22-40 cm
Product Dimensions 6″L x 5″W x 4″Th


Product Description

blood pressure monitor by paramed

Why do you need a blood pressure monitor by Paramed?

Today, every one out of five people aged 20 to 35 years old has prerequisites for high blood pressure. Increased blood pressure (hypertension) can cause stroke, heart attack, or other serious illnesses. Often, young people under stress suffer from hypertension, so even young and healthy people should regularly check their blood pressure.

The Paramed Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is high quality and easy to use. Along with fast and clinically accurate BP readings, our monitor also delivers an irregular heart rate detection function and can also show you average values of your blood pressure rates, for easy, reliable, and convenient tracking. Our monitor is a reliable tool that is easy to use on a daily basis by those of all age groups. Paramed works so you can stay healthy.


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