Verio Reflect Blood Glucose Test Kit


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Product Description

Get accurate blood glucose test results using the OneTouch Blood Glucose Monitoring System. This blood sugar monitor kit with strips has the essentials needed for everyday blood sugar support, including OneTouch Delica Plus lancets, OneTouch Delica Plus lancing device, and a carrying case to quickly manage higher or lower blood sugar levels on the go or at home. OneTouch Delica diabetic lancets paired with the OneTouch Delica Lancing Device are both designed to prioritize your comfort level when performing a blood sugar test. Precision Guidance Technology reduces vibration to provide smooth and precise lancing. OneTouch Delica silicone-coated blood lancets with an extra-fine gauge and glide smoothly into the skin for a more comfortable testing experience. Feedback from OneTouch Ultra test strips users was used in designing OneTouch Verio test strips which, along with the meters offer ,easy and convenient blood sugar testing. Each test strip only requires a very small sample size of 0.4 μl of blood and is ready in just 5 seconds. Insert the OneTouch Verio test strip into the test strip port with the gold side of the test strip and the two silver prongs facing you. Use OneTouch Verio Test Strips with the OneTouch Verio family of meters for accurate results. For more than 40 years, LifeScan has been a global leader in blood glucose monitoring for over 20 million people, offering premier blood glucose monitors, diabetes testing strips, and blood lancets. Our mission is to create a world without limits for people with diabetes. Our commitment to helping you manage your diabetes is proven in the quality of our products. Explore the OneTouch brand for trusted diabetes products and at home test kits, defined by simplicity, accuracy, and trust.


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