Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


Band Size 5.3 – 7.7 inches


Product Description


Your professional family doctor,Take Full Control Of Your Blood Pressure & Make Sure You Always Thrive In Health!

Why Need Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor?

Some people feel tense when they see a doctor, their blood pressure is higher than usual. Self-measured can help doctor to diagnose. And you can understand the state of illness and prevent the risks.

Your professional family doctor, AOKON is devoted to healthcare with the best-quality product and comfortable services, protecting your health and making your life simple and elegant.

This advanced blood pressure monitor is designed to make your life easier through its state-of-the-art technology while giving you the best blood pressure monitoring assistance that you need.

Blood Pressure For Home Use

Monitor blood pressure daily, pay attention to blood pressure changes, prevent various blood pressure problems.

With advanced technology and professional manufacturers, the blood pressure monitor of high performance offers accuracy, reliability, and convenience to users.

It can provide measurement in both mmHg and kPa, and measure both blood pressure and heart rate with an added irregular heart indicator.


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